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Musashino Arts University Japan

Title: In the Boring Village
Poem: In the Boring Village (1925)
Direction : Bomi KIM
Duration Time : 1min.22sec.
In the poem, the working man in a boring village always seeks excitements. And the men of today spend a daily grind. I thought there are similarities between the two. The working man in the village wants to go to a city. But I want to go to the sea because I can take it easy there. A job is important, but rest is also more important.

Title: Fear
Poem: Fear (1894)
Direction : Kaori YAMAMOTO
Duration Time : 42sec.
Synopsis: I fear the night and the darkness. I worry that strange someone sneaks into my room. He will make me turn something different and cold. I can't stop thinking, once I imagine it. Then I am getting to see something invisible. The fear that expands in only myself, I represented it.

Title: Gray
Poem: Gray (1917)
Direction : Momo KIKUCHI
Duration Time : 2min03sec.
Synopsis: I represented "Gray" in the Cavafy's poem as the animation. The jewel makes him remind the eyes of the lover. I tried to show this sad and beautiful memory with colors and movements.

Title: Blood
Poem: Come Back (1912)
Direction : Rio KUROSAKI
Duration Time : 1min30sec.
Synopsis: Endless streams of our blood pulsate, wave and entangle. The invisible movements from surface gradually rule the space in the body in a rhythm. "when an old longing again moves into the blood," I made the theme based on the sense of being alive in this phrase. And I represented the movement by the artery and the vein with music.

Title: To invite ghosts
Poem: To invite ghosts (1920)
Direction : Kanami SATO
Duration Time : 2min03sec.
Synopsis: Cavafy who is the poet, he lighted candles and invited the ghosts of his friends. I tried to make a warm film like a silhouette with lighting plays.

Title: Death of A General
Poem: Death of A General (1899)
Direction : Satomi ISHIKAWA
Duration Time : 1min.
Synopsis: When General woke up, the uncanny hand was pointing to his brow. Even if he tried to remove, he couldn't move it at all. And he couldn't even wake up. But General noticed gradually that the hand was the existence to tell him his fate. The citizens with the mourning and tears were gathering.
General realized his hand pointed to himself. It made him feel the fear.


Title : In The Street

Direction : KATO Kai

Duration Time : 25sec.

Description of the work : “He drifts aimlessly down the street”, this sentence is included in the poem “In The Street”. It was very impressive for me. So I made an animation that young man floats around streets.


Title : In an old book

Direction : KATO Mayu

Duration Time : 34sec.

Description of the work : I visualized the poem, there was a watercolor painting drawn a beautiful boy in an old book. The boy was described as sensual in the poem. But I represented the beautiful boy just for me in my work. I designed the boy's character as cheerful, modesty and free. The boy that be forgotten for a long time comes back this world momentarily, when a book is opened. I made the work in these images.


Title : Monotony

Direction : KAWASAKI Takamura

Duration Time : 30sec.

Description of the work : For this exhibition, I decide to make an animation which is based on “Monotony”, a poem written by Cavafy, because I think“ Monotony” has topics which still stands to reason to the present day and not a mere historical story. I read the boring days which repeat the same day and

weary feelings from this poem, so I tried expressing the repeating of the days and the passage of time by repetition of the same image and tearing off a sheet of a calendar. I want this animation to serve as a warning not to spend monotonous days.


Title : Salome

Direction : MATSUMURA Sae

Duration Time : 30sec.

Description of the work : Since the story has been already completed in the poem, it  was difficult how I should tell effectively. I was worried about the expression of the last scene. The contrast with the quiet and intense love by Salome, and the cool indifference by Sophist. I think Salome wanted Sophist to notice the existence of love. Therefore, her sacrificed head is nobly beautiful. I hope him to feel uncomfortable with the lack at least. Love, Salome.

Title : Gray

Direction : NARITA Haruka

Duration Time : 27sec.

Description of the work : The character in the animation is an elderly man. When he saw an opal, he remembered his former lover with the eyes like opal.

The present his loneliness, the fading memories, the impressive eyes of the former lover, I tried to express these three points intensively.

Title : Candles

Direction : ONISHI Chihiro

Duration Time : 28sec.

Description of the work :

Though candle lights disappear rapidly, I expressed positive feeling that let’s go ahead without looking back to the past !

Title : Candles

Direction : SHIBATA Yuuna

Music : KK

Duration Time : 1min.35sec.

Description of the work : "There is a old man here. He remembers his life and his beloved familly, when he is about to die. He looks back on the past and feels old days, and accepts his death with his happy memories. He didn't think a death is fear. " I tryed to make a work that can sense my own story straight. The warmth and lonliness of the old man. An encounter and a separation. I express his different death that Cavafy thought.

Title : Chaldean Image

Direction : SHIRATORI Sawa

Duration Time : 20sec.

Description of the work : Sometimes, unreasonable things happen in lifes. Some people call it fate. Some people call as the mischiefs of God. But if these are the working of nature to be repeated in a very long time, what do you think ? We must have a life as wonderful one at such time. Would it be silly? It is very natural for me. Hatred and awe, the those who govern, the those who decline. There is nothing to be sad.

Title : Sipping tea  (based on the poem "An Old Man", C.P. Cavafy)

Direction : SUZUKI Kenta

Music,SoundEffects : SUZUKI Kenta

Duration Time : 45sec.

Description of the work : Occasionally your scenes at the bottom of your heart for a long time, come to your mind gradualy. Drinking tea, these will go down into the bottom of your heart again.


Title : Footsteps

Direction : TSURUTA Tastunori

Duration Time : 25sec.

Description of the work : Ancient Greece had polytheism as same as Japan. So I am easy to visualize this poem as Japanese. I contrasted the pleasantly gods with the fear that they will be killed soon.

Title : Long Ago

Direction : YAMAGUCHI Syuzo

Duration Time : 39sec.

Description of the work : I draw a vague memory of his precious as a rotoscope animation. It's based on "Long ago".

Title : Long Ago

Direction : ANDOU Syouko

Duration Time : 34sec.

Description of the work : A old man saw the sunset in the sea side. He got deja-vu in this scenary. Then he remembered a woman with blue eyes in past day. He recalled her by an opportunity that he has forgotten. I expressed that he dived into his memories as illusions. I also wanted to represent his sense of guilt by the expression on her face. Especially I wanted to make the impression as blue eyes.

Title : A Prince from Western Libya

Direction : ITO Jinichi

Duration Time : 20sec.

Description of the work : When a prince from the western Libya came back his room, he took off his outside used in a town. Then he stretched and relaxed his solid body and breathes a weak sigh. I wanted to express these as comical animation. I made a dusty image on the whole, because I represented that he is very tired.

Title : ITHAKA

Direction : IWATSUBO Rio

Music : BANRI

Duration Time : 17sec.

Description of the work : I visualized the poem "Ithaka" as a short movie. The poem said that if Odysseus had a strong mind on the way to Ithaka, he didn't run across cyclopses, Laistrygones and Poseidon. A hero ran on the sea in special boots. She was attacked by Giants and Poseidon,but she could ride

out the crisis with strong mind and the boots. At last she came back Ithaka. I had my friend make the music for this movie.

Title : Morning Sea

Direction : NAKAZATO Yuki

Duration Time : 20sec.

Description of the work : I tried to create an image of a traveler. He was swallowed up in the glitter of a morning sea, and he recollected.

Title : Walls

Direction : SHIBATA Oju

Music, Sound Effects :   MusMus

Duration Time : 46sec.

Description of the work : I expressed a poem as a typomotion. It is not a reading aloud or to express pictures. I tried to represent a vision with texts and motions. I felt “delicate” blockades in the poem, when I read it. I hope to visualize "delicate" that I can't describe.

Title : Halation

Direction : SUZUKI Miyuu

Duration Time : 34sec.

Description of the work : I was not able to accept his poems well, because it was gaps between the age when he was alive and the present time,

and his view points about sex. Then , I portrayed my feelings about his poetry, not about each poem. Sketch description: First I was able to read Cavafy's poems well. Going on reading, I found words, that were homosexual, beautiful boys and so on. And I felt difficulties making an animation from poems.

I wasn't able to got the idea about an animation. But I didn't have much time. Well, I made my animation inspired by Cavafy's poetry as a whole, and not by each poem. I want to represent my feelings, confusing, chaotic, psychedelic, techno music and electric signals in my brain. A main character is a woman, maybe it's me. In the woman's brain, frustrations and confusing fricker and occur chemical reactions. Sometimes a Cavafy is seen dimly. I want to make beautiful chaos and psychedelic images.

Title : Ionic

Direction : TOMIYA Miki

Duration Time : 24sec.

Description of the work : I visualized that gods's love for people don't change, though people have lost interest in gods. I can sence a big existence in variety clouds in Auguest.

Title : Nero's Deadline

Direction : WAKAI Nanami

Duration Time : 25sec.

Description of the work : "Nero's deadline", this poem is about a warning that Galba rose against Tyrant Nero. Nero who was losing his own army, was trapped by Galba's army. I represented this story as an animation.

Title : Enemies

Direction : WATABE Yuki

Duration Time : 21sec.

Description of the work : "The enemy" is the way of the world, and it swallows our present. (New one defeats old one. Watabe expressed this as a toy's transition. A good reversi player was defeated by Nintendo DS. Not other rebversi player. commented by Dino Sato)

Title : In Alexandria, 31 B.C.

Direction : MATSUOKA Naoki

Duration Time : 43sec.

Description of the work : Civils cheered up at a declaring false victory. A peddler got involved in the fuss. I expressed these in a comical puppet animation.

Title : Blink of Rose

Poem: For the Shop

Direction : Natsuna KIMURA

Duration Time : 1min.05sec.


Synopsis: This animation was focused on the softness of flowers and lights. I represented the soft roses as human's movement. I am glad if you feel the images like glittering treasure.


Title :  Chandelier

Poem:  Chandelier

Direction :  Kaori TSUNODA

Duration Time : 48sec.07f


Synopsis: "Chandelier" is the story about a man. There was a room in his body. It was small and without windows. The chandelier was burning there. The chandelier of flames. Any light can't go near that is burning quietly. And this love cannot go anywhere.


Title :  Salome

Poem:  Salome

Direction :  Zozy(Masumi NAKAMURA)

Duration Time : 2min.15sec.


Synopsis: This story is a little different from "Salome" as you know. Salome gave for Sophist not only the head of John but also her head by herself. But Sophist denied her and was away from her. Salome couldn't deliver her severe love to anybody. She is always alone. Or John whose Salome loved was killed. That causes the distorted revenge tragedy by Salome.


Title :  On Board Ship

Poem:  On Board Ship

Direction :  Moe SASAKI

Duration Time : 35sec.


Synopsis: I liked these words, "the afternoon magical”, “Out of Time” in the poem. These words suggest the past love between man and man. I think that is unforgettable and painful memories. The movie is made by his colorful memories that came up to his mind.


Title :  Rain

Poem:  Rain

Direction :  Taku HAMAMOTO

Duration Time : 1min.30sec.


Synopsis: This video work is the expression of a raining scene composed of stop-motion and movie. I used only paper as material, only circle shape as water representation. The colors it contains is only paper-white and gradation of shadows. Elements are limited, so mainly the motions make it looks rain, that's what I tried to do. Also, I synchronized sound and video to make the pleasant rhythm of the rain.


Title :  Rain

Poem:  Rain

Direction :  Nao MISAWA

Duration Time : 47sec.


Synopsis: This drawing animation expressed that sleeping trees in the dry soil sprout by raining. When I read this poem first, the joy and emotion that the dry soil gets wet came into my mind. I tried to represent these as human.


Title :  In despair

Poem:  In despair

Direction :  Rei TAKANO

Duration Time : 2min.30sec.


Synopsis: "He lost her completely. " This expression is repeated any time in this poem. He can't have forgotten HER truly, and he made love HER through a new woman. It is just a role play for him. SHE who cut fetters of sexual desires voluntary and was away from him. He who is looking for a substitute for HER and playing the dolls enthusiastic. The woman who is loved as the vestige in him. The red ribbons connect them, twin around them and are never cut.

Those are the grotesque ties, regret, love and despair.


Title : A Young Poet in His Twenty-Fourth

Poem: A Young Poet in His Twenty-Fourth

Direction :  Sumika HOSHINO

Duration Time : 34sec.


Synopsis: This poem is objectively written that a man was getting crazy about enthusiastic love. The phrase, "Brain, work now as well as you can." are written at the beginning and the ending of this poem. Usually, it can be interpreted as encouraging herself. But when I regarded the phrases as the other person talked to her, I could think that "Brain, work...." is that the brain doesn't work now. So it means "she is dead". I think it is a too scared expression.


Title :  Morning sea

Poem:  Morning sea

Direction :  WU Yaqin (China)

Duration Time : 17sec.07f


Synopsis: When I read the poem "Morning Sea", I felt mystique in the poem. So I made this movie. A girl saw the sea. She imagined that she fought with the god of the sea. That is her taking out her frustration, not doing as usual. And I represented the loneliness after the daydream.


Title : I want to rub a donkey.

Poem: The house with the garden

Direction :  Haruka TAKI

Duration Time : 43sec.


Synopsis: There is the woman who is attracting by life in the countryside. In the movie, the time in the countryside passes slowly. Because I felt the love for a donkey strongly in the poem, I focussed on it especially.


Title :  Foreboding

Poem:  But the Wise Perceive Things about to Happen

Direction :  Kanako YAJIMA

Duration Time : 35sec.09f


Synopsis: "Ordinary people only know what’s happening now, but the gods know future things. The wise can foresee the sound of future because he is between the two. The blue butterfly let him know the footsteps of a war. But the old wise could only know it." I tried to express the coming war and the calm before the storm.


Title :  GRAY

Poem:  GRAY

Direction : PRAIWATTANA SUPITTRA (Thailand)

Duration Time : 30sec.


Synopsis: A grayfish opal ring on a hand brought back those dear gray eyes from a deep gray memory. Sadly, those beautiful gray eyes of his only exist in vague memories.


Title :  Salome

Poem:  Salome

Direction :  Tomomi YAGI

Duration Time : 57sec.


Synopsis: From the episode that Salome wanted John's head, I focused on her strong attachment, so I represented her as a scorpion. Salome changes the monster of the scorpion. And she cuts off John's head.


Title :  Nowhere

Poem:  In despair

Direction :  Yukiko OTA

Duration Time : 24sec.01f


Synopsis: He thought that he lost her completely. But he wanted to think each new lover is her. Today he also imagined the red lips that he could never touch.



Poem:  Nero’s Deadline

Direction :  Rina KANEKO

Duration Time : 23sec.


Synopsis: The Roman Emperor Nero thought that his glory days were lasting. Until the veteran General Galba carries out the revolt......


Title :  Play

Poem:  One of Their Gods

Direction :  Mayumi SHIMIZU

Duration Time : 17sec.



This work is a theme that a god goes down the world of human by interesting in human's play in Greek poem.

The god watched the square in Seleucia at twilight in the water of the basin.

He went down to the world of human. and he jumped to disappear into the night town.

I represented the happy situation in the human world by his dancing.


Title :  Funeral and God

Poem:  The Funeral of Sarpedon

Direction :  Haruka OBAYASHI

Duration Time : 32sec.



The God who mourn the death of people warded the defilement of the corpse off with the affectionate hands, and offer flowers to mourn.

I imagined that scenes, then I made the movie.

This theme of the movie is to visualization the concepts about the God and death and the emotion of mourning the death.


Title :  Light of life

Poem:  Candles

Direction :  Sonoka ONODA

Duration Time : 57sec.09f



A life is like a candle, it is lighted up and burned out.

I represented the life as drawing of flames.

I want to tell that a life is beautiful wave flame and a sadness of death like disappearing suddenly.


Title :  Monotony

Poem:  Monotony

Direction :  Madoka TATEO

Duration Time : 16sec.



If you spend repeated dull days every day, you are getting to lose all sense of what day it is.

I represented the boring that you don't notice a correct date if you turn the daily pad type album calendar that the shown date does not change.


Title :  Revenge

Poem:  Faithlessness

Direction :  Yui MORIYA

Duration Time : 41sec.



In the poem, it is written that Apollo betrayed Achilles and helped to kill him, although Apollo predicted Achilles would be good in health when Achilles was born.

But it can also mean the punishment that Achilles killed Thenes, the son of Apollo.

I produced the movie about Apollo's thought that Apollo killed another person's son and he was the parent who his own son was killed.

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