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Video Art Centre Tokyo

VIDEOART CENTER Tokyo/VCT was founded in 2001 as an association dedicated to videoart and other time based arts in Japan. The aim of VCT is to form an international alternative network for those arts and develop the situation. VCT is managed independently as a Non-Profit Organization by videoartists and the staffs who consider it's necessary to establish a critical role of the videoart of the present against the society of spectacle.


As recent activities, VCT took part in “50th Anniversary of Video Art / Les Instant Video2013” (2013, Marseiile, France), and worked on a documentary video project with oral history of early video artists in Japan, "Kikai de Mirukoto=Eye Machine/To See by Chance -the Pioneers of Japanese Videoarts-“(2012, 82min.), series of screening event; “Video Reflexive” (2014-2016) included “Ko NAKAJIMA Video Vicissitudes”(2014, UPLINK, Tokyo).


VCT focused on the open air video art show in urban spaces, as “Video Art Promenade in ASAGAYA/ Wall to Wall”(2015, Tokyo), “Video Art Promenade in Kagurazaka”(2015, Tokyo). Official web site


"Living in the Box -cube" Kentaro TAKI(2007-2014, 13min) Body parts are displayed as specimens in boxes within the white box. Each part is looking for something and this behavior recalls the physical and psychological blockages in modern life. A Collaboration with Maiko Date(contemporary dancer).


"Tea Corner" Kentaro TAKI(documentation, 2015, 2min) The venue used be a famous pure water resource for tea ceremony. As an open air video projection, the corner of building is transformed to be green tea with projected image of tea cup, tea cakes, traditional painting and tea stalk. In Japan, it is a sign of good luck to have a tea stalk floating erect in your tea. Commissioned by Art & Society Research Center.


"in the twinkling of an eye" Shuhei NISHIYAMA (2013, 6min.) In this work, an artist splits the video and audio, stagger the playing time, watching and hearing all the moment and pieces at the same period of time. A moment becomes eternal, and the eternal becomes instant. And soon, we start to lose the boundaries between the “single” and “multiple”.

“KIKAI DE MIRUKOTO (Eye Machine/To See by Chance) - the Pioneers of Japanese Videoarts“ VCT/VIDEOART CENTER Tokyo presents a documentary with oral history and video pieces of early video artists in Japan.

Appearing Artist:

Shuya ABE, Kohei ANDO, Michael GOLDBERG, Sakumi HAGIWARA, Mako IDEMITSTU, Takahiko IIMURA, Nobuhiro KAWANAKA, Hakudo KOBAYASHI, Shigeko KUBOTA, Toshio MATSUMOTO, Ko NAKAJIMA, Fujiko NAKAYA, Katsuhiro YAMAGUCHI, Keigo YAMAMOTO, Morihiro WADA

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